Feel free to leave your thoughts below for Bro. Klieforth

B.O.O.MSunday022Brothers & Sisters,

Our family mourns the loss of one of our own, Brother Alex Klieforth was called home to glory March 5, 2014. Alex was a steadfast brother who was instrumental in leading many to the cause of Christ. His commitment to studying the word of God was hard to match and, as such, he served as the ‘New Converts’ bible class instructor for many years. His steadfast love for Christ was always the priority in his life demonstrated by his serving many in the community as a mentor, friend and confidant. Even towards the end of his life Bro. Alex could be found with a bible in hand and a word from the Lord ready to teach. We were told that he held his last bible class the day before his passing. Brother Alex’s presence will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

The Apostle John tells us in Revelations 14:13 “And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours: and their works do follow them.” Brother Alex’s good works have followed him home, and we pray now for the comfort of the Lord for us that remain.

[ The Leadership of the 13th Street Church of Christ ]

Your comments in remembrance of Alex are encouraged.

9 thoughts on “Feel free to leave your thoughts below for Bro. Klieforth

  1. The song writer who penned “Hard Fighting Soldier”, must have been talking about Alex Klieforth. Greatly missed and Always loved my brother, “Rest in Peace” with the Lord.

  2. Bro. Klieforth was a wondrous example of Christianity. I can’t recall any occasion where I requested him to engage his abilities and he did not so comply. A great soldier for the Lord will be missed. Till the last amen.

  3. Thank God for blessing us with so many years of service and friendship from Brother Klieforth. He was such a caring and committed Brother, and he’ll be greatly missed.

  4. I can remember just a few short years ago coming to 13th St CoC and being welcomed by Bro Alex. He immediately became a friend to me, he would challenge me to dive deeper in my studies saying to me often “have you considered this?” Each of us can remember his zeal for teaching. I had a few bible studies with him at the nursing home and he challenged me till the end. I thank God for having Alex to broaden my thoughts of the inspired word of God.

  5. Bro. Alex and I worked many years together teaching God’s words and working in the church. I carried him with me when ever I taught my family. I enjoyed him when we use to go over to bro. and sis. Guess house for thanksgiving and watched the football games with bro. Guess and my father (Junius Heath). May the seeds that he planted continue to grow and teach others about the one true word.

    Jeffery Heath & Junius Heath

  6. Bro. Alex Klieforth has abandoned that which is already lost, the Glories of the Earth, pale to insignificant when compare to the Glory present in Heaven. He was not afraid of the answers in life nor suffered with the question,Is Jesus the Son of the Living God. Alex died in the Lord sealed by the Holy Spirit. May I followed his foot steps.

  7. My cousin Alex passion was his belief and fervent commitment to the Lord and his Word. In the Church of Christ at 13th Street he found true bretheren and community. During the brief period of reacquantaince with my cousin in his final year, he spoke so fondly of the church members and the Bible,as always with great passion and firm belief.

  8. You were a genuine soul and a tremendous example for all. Your humbleness and sincere demeanor will surely echo the walls of 13th Street COC for years to come. Thank God for such a blessing to us all. You will be missed.

    The Snowdens

  9. Thank you to the entire congregation for giving Bro. Alex Klieforth such support and call to purpose. He clearly felt loved and lifted in your company.

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